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Products & Services

Since 1986 DEI, with headquarters in Houston, Texas, has been a customer-focused extension of our R&D and manufacturing operations. We have RF design specialists offering custom solutions in the areas of high performance oscillators, crystal filters, LC-filters, and synthesizers required in mobile communications, satellite ground stations, and test instrumentation. DEI can supply individual high performance crystals, reference oscillators, crystal filters, LC-filters, VCO's, and frequency synthesizer modules.

Engineering Capabilities

Dynamic Engineers' significant design, production, and quality engineering experience enable us to negotiate specifications that optimize customer satisfaction as well as give our manufacturing facilities the opportunity to build components and systems with consistent quality and superior long term reliability.

Manufacturing Capabilities

DEI cooperates closely with a European factory on the production of custom crystal and LC filter modules for these same markets. For lower cost commodity products being imported to or exported from Asia undergo rigorous quality testing at our QA Test Center in Guangzhou China.